Submit Your Piano

For details on how to sample your Piano, check out the How To Sample guide.

To submit your piano to Pianobook please fill in the form below, uploading your samples, ESX24/Kontakt instruments, photos of the piano and a text description in a single a zip file (see below for details).

Please fill in the form below and upload your samples to Dropbox.

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Upload format

Please package your samples and sample instruments in a single ZIP file. Name the zip file the same as the name of the piano you use in the form above. Please include a photo of the piano (or a photo that represents its story) and a README.txt file that contains a the piano name, your name and the piano’s story.

The following is the preferred directory structure within the ZIP file:

README.txt - details of the piano
samples/original/ - original sample files sliced into one file per note
samples/NR/ - noise reduced files (optional)
instruments/ - Kontakt/ESX24 instrument files
images/ - pictures of the piano or photos that reflect it's story

Please name each sample file with the note being played, ensuring you use only sharp "#" symbols rather than flat "b" symbols. Distinguish between the two volume layers by adding “p”/”mp”/”mf”/”f” as appropriate.

See FAQs for more information about scope of Pianobook and sampling.

Uploading Terms

By uploading your samples to Pianobook you are contributing to a community driven sample library. You agree that:

  • The samples and other material you upload were created by you and you have full permission to upload them to Pianobook.

  • To the best of your knowledge, the samples and other content is free from viruses and malware.

  • Your samples may be freely used by anyone accessing the Pianobook library. Usage of samples may be to create commercial and non-commercial musical compositions or recordings, however repackaging of the samples into a commercial product will be forbidden without your express permission.