Per T’s Reviews

  • Beautifully minimalistic

    Quickly putting together a soundscape can be daunting, with so many parameters to tweak - for hours and hours...This instrument has ONE knob, and it feels inspiring with its minimalistic approach. It just makes me want to create something right away! I really like the arps!

    “ONE”23 May 2022
  • Mediterranean flavour

    A wonderful opportunity to get to play an instrument I would not otherwise come in contact with! I use it to add a mediterranean flavour to tracks that I am working on.

    Thanks to Alex for teaching us all how to pronounce tzatziki, I have apparently been saying it wrong all my life! :)

    Baglamas – Greek Mini Bouzouki24 May 2022
  • Mysterious sound

    I am always keeping an eye out for sounds that can add a feeling of "mystery" to tracks that I am working on, especially for game music. This is a flute that really fits the bill, it really does not sound like anything else. The ADSR controls are a bit tricky to move, other than that it is fine.

    The Pig Flute23 May 2022
  • Atmospheric

    Very useful for creating a drone, with its subtle moving parts. But I also like playing a slow piano melody on it.

    The Melodyne Orchestra24 May 2022
  • A lovely touch

    This is indeed something that could be thrown into a mix to add a unique character.

    Mortar & Pestle24 May 2022