Mortar & Pestle

The 'bell' like sound from a solid brass mortar & pestle

The story

This is the very basic ‘bell’ sound I sampled for the #globalswarm
project using my mums solid brass mortar & pestle.
I added some reverb to the sample and put it into Kontakt 5

Reviews for Mortar & Pestle

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  • An ethereal mallet!

    this is a magnificent mallet-like instrument that has this fantastical - outwordly sound singnature to it. When you realise this is based on just one sample, you will get blown away for sure. For this reason, the lowest notes might seem to be slightly distorted, but that's fairly normal. The rest sound amazing!

    I'd personally like it to be shifted one octave higher, since in the "default" sitting position, you get a fairly high-pitched sound.

    Alex Raptakis30 April 2022