Skip Erickson’s Reviews

  • Absolutely Incredible!!

    I was blown away when I played the first chord! The sampling of this pipe organ is incredible! Fantastic job Daniel!! I've been searching for the most realistically sampled pipe organ for a new album I'm composing and I've just found it!! Bravo!!

  • This piano is my muse

    Thank you for the creation of this piano!! It has become my muse and goto piano for all that I write. I've tried and compared what seems like hundreds of pianos, never being satisfied with the character and sound of them - I'm extremely picky. Then I came across this beautifully sampled Mason & Hamlin. It hit an emotional chord in my heart, and so has become my piano of choice on pretty much all that I compose. Thank you again, Dore, for taking the time out of your life to give to others this wonderful gift. Cheers.

  • These are just the sounds I needed!!

    I'm four songs into an album inspired by the James Webb telescope. So this came at the perfect time!! Thank you Martin!!

    Signals25 May 2022
  • Love this! Just the air I needed!

    Thank you for this creation and tutorial! I totally dig organic samples!
    Side note: please tell me you do voiceovers! You have the perfect voice for VO's. I come from decades of advertising and marketing, and your voice is the voice we advertising producers are searching for. Cheers!!

    Organic Orchestra12 March 2022
  • Just what I was looking (listening) for!

    Love this! Thank you Cordaro for this beautiful creation!

    Legato Tin Whistle28 November 2021