Just Bob’s Reviews

  • Rich pad with a dash of mod wheel randomness

    I really like the basic pad but the magic happens with the additional sound layers shared with Dan from the community. Great fun.

    Isolation Collaboration17 October 2021
  • Character-rich family choir

    To me, this instrument represents one of the great things about Pianobook and the greater accessibility of sampling. A perfectly in tune choir this is not. Instead, it's a wonderfully real sound with a foundation of family and an underlying flavor of the bittersweetness of THAT particular moment with the whole family that will never quite be the same again. Love it!

    The Meyer Choir16 October 2021
  • Who doesn't love a rock on ice

    I actually find myself using the sound of the rock hitting the ice more than the choir pads but that's more because I really enjoy the rock on ice sound than anything else. It's useful as a marker or, in the right places, in lieu of a hit and can work in a spacey/sci-fi sort of way.

    Ice Choir17 October 2021
  • Upright bass percussion surprise

    A fun. off beat instrument with some sounds you might predict if you stopped to think about what kinds of percussive sounds you might get off an upright bass and a bunch you would not or, at least, a bunch I would not :-. Good tone and useful mixed in with other drums sometimes subtly and sometimes front and center.

    Upright Bass Drum17 October 2021
  • Sorta Kinda Thrumming Cello?

    This cello, with its weaved together cello notes, has aspects that remind me of the Dan's other thrumming instruments- pulse-y, somewhat unpredictable and totally lovely. Also fun with a bit of Paulstretch!

    Solo Cello Spurs16 October 2021