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  • Have I found the "missing" samples?

    Bonjour Frederic,
    first of all, I have to note that I really admire your efforts for the DecentSampler .... keep up the good work ...
    The Bouzuki is really well done and I like its lively sound, but just like some commenters above, I missed a sample every now and then.
    And I think I figured out what the problem is. In some .dspreset files the value for hiVel is "45" (e.g. the Fingered Ensemble.dspreset line 74, 82, 90, 98 etc.), but in the next line the "loVel value" starts with "56". Therefore, if the velocity is "46 to 55", no sound will be sent to the output. Because there is the same issue in several files I think it is a copy and paste fault.

    Hopefully this is the crux with the "missing" sounds and to change the value from "45" to "55" will fix it ... ;)

    Greetings from Germany

    Ideal Bouzouki04 December 2021
  • Get your K4 in the box ...

    These patches are awesome! At first I had the same issues as Alex Raptakis - only the attack could be controlled in the GUI, but after downloading and insalling the recent version of Decent Sampler everything works fine.
    Congrats Paul, very well made :))

    Kawai K4 Collection13 February 2022