peterlepahin’s Reviews

  • One of the best percussion libraries on Pianobook

    If you are looking for world percussion, don't go any further. This collection of Djembe, Conga, Bongos, Udu and Taiko is sampled professionally, the sounds are great without any further processing, the taikos being my favourites kudoz for the thoroughly created velocity layers!. A simple but very cool looking GUI makes this instrument really fun to play with.

  • A beautifully sounding guitar

    This is one of my favourite Pianobook instruments, I instantly fell in love with it. Its name suggests usability for soundscapes, but it can be used for creating melody lines too, with a clean not distorted but reverby guitar sound. The presets are instantly usable, no need for tweaking. Also, the GUI is beautiful, albeit simple.

    Soundscape Guitar13 October 2021
  • Unbeliavably beautiful sound

    This is a very "small" library with limited use, but boy, the sounds are beautiful. Excellent pads and ambient textures for quite, emotional music. I like the litte "cracks" that can be heard every now and then if you use long sustains. Definitely worth checking out!

    Ethereal Guitar Textures12 December 2021
  • A nice addition to your horror soudtracks

    This athmospheric set of sounds is not an instrument per se, but a collection of sounds to add some eerie/scary mood to your tracks. The lower register sounds like whispers or windy sounds, the upper register provides more scream-like creaks. Although limited in its possible uses, this is a great library for spicing up your tracks and giving chills to the listener.

    Wood Creak13 October 2021
  • A must-have addition to sci-fi sound libraries

    This instrument has two patches: Solar Choir, which contains some amount of recognizable human-like voices, but with a lot of extra sounds; and Vocal Probes, which is much more untangible and very otherworldly. Both patches are limited in use but at the same time perfect for adding some sci-fi/space feel to your tracks.

    Space Voices13 October 2021