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Ethereal Guitar Textures Flavourful Ebowed textures on an acoustic guitar In House Instruments is a collaborative sampling project from composers Ajay Satsangi and Vinju Jacob Thomas. Just over a casual call we got into the topic of collaborating over a project. And we had this idea that instead of making a track, why not make a new sample library?! And Viola !! Ethereal Guitar Textures came into being! This is our very first sample library. We all know the sound of an eBow on an electric guitar but we wanted to explore how an acoustic guitar would react to the eBow. The sound had a smooth sine like quality to it which is nice but the real magic happened when u get the eBow closer to the strings, there was this beautiful string rattle texture that came about & that’s when we we knew what we had to make : The instrument has two sets of samples, Dry & Wet signal. Dry signal for your own set of FX chain. The wet signal is a combination of multiple effects including granular processing which gives it a truly ethereal nature. Modwheel blends between the two. Bonus Tip – Keep the modwheel somewhere around 60% to get a more focused fundamental and since the wet signal has granular processing, the timing/character of the rattle textures are different which blends pretty nicely with the dry rattles! Big shout out to Christian for being an inspiration to commence our sampling endeavours and starting & nurturing this amazing community !! & David Hilowitz for his amazing Kontakt tutorials !! Cheers


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  • Highly Recommended for Ambient Music producers & More

    The SOUND:

    I mostly produce music for Films & TV Shows and downloaded this library particularly for a scene in a film where the music was needed just to fill the ambiance. So when I loaded this library, I was amazed by the textures it produced by just hitting one note, It set my scene perfectly. What I really loved about this library is it contains several moods, right from Dark, Soothing, Euphoric, Mysterious and more.

    The GUI:

    The look is very simple yet elegant and doesn't confuse the user with lots of knobs & parameters. One knob does it all!

    Final Verdict:

    A Great library for everyone who makes ambient music and chill-out stuff!

    P.S: Hit the note and give longer sustains for some amazing magical textures!

    EtherBlu14 December 2021
  • Amazing Sound!

    This is a really good choice when you want to create some kind of Emotional / Dreamy music. I really enjoyed its simple GUI as well!

    Sahand Zangeneh22 December 2021
  • Otherwordly!

    Although this is a very simple instrument patch, it is very well made and sounds phenomenal! The sound quality is pristine, the design is awesome, and the sound itself is simply amazing to my ears, in both dry and wet! As a personal tip, in case you want a more customized blend, you can load it up twice, one in full wet and one full dry and adjust the volumes of each patch.

    As a slightly minor complain, right now I feel that the release is a bit on the long side, but fortunately it has programmed very nicely, so you can change the envelope through the manual insturment settings (via Kontakt's "Edit Mode", which is the wrench icon at the top left of the patch). It would be much more convenient if those knobs were on the GUI though.

    I also have to note that the samples are included twitce for no reason. There is a "samples" folder that is completely unnecessary, since the "instrument" folder already contains the exact same samples and everything you need to run it.

    Alex Raptakis07 December 2021
  • Unbeliavably beautiful sound

    This is a very "small" library with limited use, but boy, the sounds are beautiful. Excellent pads and ambient textures for quite, emotional music. I like the litte "cracks" that can be heard every now and then if you use long sustains. Definitely worth checking out!

    peterlepahin12 December 2021
  • Great evolving atmospheric pad

    This is a simple yet really well done sound. I love how the mod-wheel lets you blend the 2 different sample sets - it's like a "distance" control moving the sound closer or further away. All the little string buzzes are brilliant and keep adding interest to the sound as it evolves. Yes, there's no control over the volume of these - and how would there be as they are part of the sound - but due to their slightly metallic nature there are any number of ways to tame them if you need to; transient designer, low pass filter, dynamic EQ being just some and all work well. It should be said though that it's these very sounds that make this pad instrument so good - as they all occur at different times on different notes. Really good work, super usable.

    Mark Lord28 December 2021
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