Npavely1’s Reviews

  • Wow! What an instrument!

    This sample pack is breathtaking! the sound you get from the PAD sounds is incredible! the reverb on this in my opinion is superb and the decay is just enough not to meld into the next key when pressed. Fab job! on a more suggestive note, the GUI could be improved in some way as in make it a little more attractive, certainly for the Fife sample but thats only a minor thing, so Great work and look forward to hearing some other things from yourself!!

    Misty Flute12 October 2021
  • Interesting Vibes!

    This Sample pack is really interesting and I've not come across many like this so grand job! The sound as you go up the octaves is superb in my opinion and would love to hear more from yourself regarding string performances. I'm glad you've included a LPF in the sampled instrument as this helps to cut out some of those 'screechy', almost distorted sounds from this, however on the whole and great job!

    Harmonic Flights12 October 2021
  • An expensive grab!

    Having watched the YouTube video of Mr Henson getting this instrument and seeing him touch it for the first time I am so confused as to which this is still. Having listened and played this through my headphones the higher registers have a very nice quality to the sound which isn't to sharp in my opinion however it is, in my opinion a very niche instrument, which I know, Mr Henson loves, its not my bag personally but I know someone will love to play around with this and it may well come in handy one day, for a little motif over the top of something, maybe and spooky bit of music as it is soon to become Halloween at some point. Gret job on the recording of it though!

    Pitched Electric Celeste12 October 2021
  • Great Instrument for film music.

    This instrument is very interesting in the fact it has as I played it in different octaves, the movement became apparent and the growl eventually came up once you held a key for a little while even in the higher registers! so on the whole a grand job! no problems either with the sound, to my young ears, on headphones, couldn't detect any distortion coming through so great job on the recording side of this!!

    Awe-Synth12 October 2021
  • Good Job!

    When I played each sample of the pack, I was thinking in the back of my mind, the 'noir' or 'Lo-Fi' kinda tracks that these would love to be sat in. the sounds to my ears are very pleasant and are almost bordering on ethereal for the lower register of the vocal sample! great work!

    Relic Keyboard12 October 2021