newjunkcity’s Reviews

  • What an amazing instrument, recording, and Kontakt conversion

    I'm lost for words at how brilliant this piano is, so I'll keep it short:
    - The instrument itself clearly produces an amazing sound,
    - it's been magnificently sampled, not overly quiet nor brash,
    - and much thought has gone into the Kontakt plugin.
    Absolutely fine work, sir.

  • Ruined a piano for me

    The last piano from Dore Mark was my favourite on Pianobook. This just surpassed it, in terms of both the quality of the sampling, and the quality of the Kontakt app.

    I can't wait until you sample a Model D!

  • Fun little paino sound

    Very resonant. Would be good for scary sounds, perhaps run through some glitching effects.

    As mentioned by another reviewer, the samples libraries are saved with absolute paths, i.e. "/Volumes/WORK DRIVE/MAJETONE/2020 Instruments WORKS..." on the creator's machine. Needs to be changed to relative paths.
    For any confused users, when you try to open each snapshot/preset, Kontakt will say it can't find the samples. Choose 'Browser for folder', and then click OK (the default folder already picked should be the correct one, i.e. where the plugin NKI files are situated).

    05 December 2021