Navid Lancaster’s Reviews

  • This is AMAZING!!

    Just tried it out and I already see it being used for a project I'm completing this week. Thank you so very much to ALL the contributors to this swarm.

    Global Swarm16 June 2022
  • Now THIS is different!!

    This is the kind of instruments that Pianobook was made for! Instruments from an entirely different angle. Downloaded and will be using it on any of my upcoming films that may need it and will be using it on my rescores.

    Thank you.

    ECHORDA10 June 2022
  • This is good for my productons

    This is very good for what I'm doing now. Not every production needs an 100+ member epic choir. Its limitations are its strength. Going to combine this with The Meyer Choir and see how the productions sound. The final recordings should be VERY interesting.

    New House Choir10 December 2021