The story

Toward the end of the summer, my partner (the star of this library) and I had a couple of hours to ourselves in a 173yr old church. We spent that time capturing these samples.

We took full advantage of the space despite only having one stereo mic, so what you hear in this library is what would be a “far” or “ambient” mic signal.

The key-range is made of three sections.
—High: haunting, phrasal one-shots
—Mid: long, shape-shifting loops with gentle ornaments wavering both in pitch and intensity
—Low: quiet, looping drones with slight bends and pitch flickers

The library has its own shadowy will, so I left the GUI unlabeled and shrouded in mystery to match (but if the controls aren’t obvious you can always hover them and check the bottom of Kontakt for their function!)

Finally, perhaps the most important feature of all—the mod wheel turns the voices wicked.


hunter rogerson


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  • Great Sounds From hunter rogerson

    Hunter - I have played with this on DS. If you have an updated paid for version please let me know so I can buy it. Thank you for sharing Spellsinger, fantastic!!!!

    LNW15 December 2022
  • So, so wonderful

    I mean...

    holy moly.

    Pianobook wants me to say more, to make this a qualified comment. But... all I really got is... holy moly.

    Lorenzo24 September 2023
  • so cool!

    I love these samples, it really like I am in the church with you! Had lots of fun playing with this.

    ianfullerton17 December 2022
  • Good Lord!

    This is incredible. Simply incredible. Thank you, my good sir!

    johnapiper19 February 2024
  • sonidos alusinantes

    esto es lo máximo en sonido para lo que hago, gracias por la muestra.

    amin08 May 2023
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