mikemuncher’s Reviews

  • A special library, truly

    This is probably one of the best free piano libraries I've heard/played. Gorgeous attention to detail; simple and uncomplicated. "Does what it says on the tin" and does it very well. I also appreciate its size. Great job, Mr. Knight!

    Soft Steinway25 April 2022
  • As a sometimes vibist...great recordings here!

    This vibraphone isn't perfect...and that's perfect! I had the good fortune (curse) of being around a Jen-Co vibraphone for several years. This not only captures the unique sound of that particular range of instruments, it's a very realistic recording of a vibraphone, period. It will definitely serve the purpose if you're searching for a sampled instrument to play in a smoky nightclub. Not necessarily for big orchestral productions, but that's A-OK. There are plenty of those out there! This one has true character (and is going to work wonderfully for lo-fi hip hop for me!) Thanks for sharing this little gem!

    Jen-Co Vibes14 January 2022