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  • Excellent Collection

    Edit: Everything is working perfectly.I am a dummy and I am very sorry! Everybody make sure, you have the latest version of Decent Sampler. Tested it with version 1.4.9 and it works like a charm.

    Original Review:
    Thank you so much for this collection. The different sounds are very interesting. Unfortunately I have the same problem with the gui. Maybe I did something wrong installing this collection. I am using decent sampler on a mac m1 in reaper. I tried the collection with the au, vsti and vst3i and unfortunately every parameter besides attack does not change the outcome of the sound. So there is always reverb and delay present, cutoff to the max, as this is the default in the gui.
    I hope we can find the problem, because this library is very promising! Thank you so much for the effort you put into this!

    Kawai K4 Collection24 February 2022