Mic Burns’s Reviews

  • The perfect sequel to the wildmother story.

    Brilliant concept and beautiful to write with! For me, the performance patches (Cedar Splatterpaint and meadow chimes) are super inspiring. The movement in the performances really give it life and character - well done! I'm very much looking forward to seeing/hearing what else you come up with :)

  • simple yet beautiful sounds

    Love this sample pack - just rediscovered it Today, and it's really inspiring. Lots of different timbres and ideas, but I always end up playing Nils Frahm style melodies with it as the textures suit it so well. Although there aren't any round robins, he's used velocity as a trigger on a low pass filter (I do this too!), so it sounds more natural and lively.

    Well done Fabian, looking forward to hearing your next library!

    Niue11 March 2022