Kobe Cannière’s Reviews

  • Just what I needed...

    Been working on a piece of music for a few days, and didn't really like the sound of a lead part in it... Your patch fits perfectly! Cuts through the mix without having to tweak anything, plus I absolutely love the sound, no swells, but a perfect attack. Thank you so much for this one!

    Arctic Pad29 October 2021
  • Something haunting to it...

    My kinda sound after tweaking the reverb and release way up. Something haunting to the sound. Love it!

  • Quality sounds

    The sounds of the different percussive elements are really well recorded! Excellent sounding toms and chimes! Well done! Not a big fan of the rolls though...

  • 80's sounds

    Classics! I especially like sounds 1-4 and 6. Not particularly useful unless you're going for an 80's vibe, but the sounds I mentioned above could be integrated in other contexts... Thank you!

    The Synthony15 October 2021