jmcvicker’s Reviews

  • Gleeful Celeste

    I didn't need a Celeste, but I need this one. Great sounds and will fill in a lot of interesting detail in hopefully more of our music. This physical instrument is rare - so would not have been used in many scores or music, but now with a quality virtual instrument available, certainly will start to show up. Thanks to CH for sharing this one.

    Pitched Electric Celeste12 October 2021
  • Chimes? Wow, far more than that...

    This is such a great submission, it's hard to leave a review.

    Just go get it and use it.

    I used it in my demo using two snapshots in each Kontakt instrument and you can mix and match various snapshots or just use one.
    Arps, Pads, etc. All nice and inspirational.

    Heavenly Chimes06 May 2022