The story

I’m a Hungarian composer, arranger, producer. Always had fun in sound design, but this is my first attempt to make a sound library for public use.
Windchimes from an old project, lids, wine glasses, my bamboo flute and the rain was sampled, then mangled in UVI Falcon, and mangled further in Photosynthesis, Jeremiah Pena’s great engine. I extended it with the stock Kontakt Arpeggiator, skinned and made 63 snapshots just for fun and showcasing the versatility and strength of the engine.
Hope you enjoy this little instrument as much as I enjoyed making it!
PS: Please copy the folder inside the Snapshots folder to the appropriate folder (UsersYourUserNameDocumentsNative InstrumentsUser ContentKontakt) to have them in Kontakt’s snapshot list.
PPS: Thank you Christian for this great place to show, to share, to inspire and to be inspired!


Reviews for Heavenly Chimes

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  • Chimes? Wow, far more than that...

    This is such a great submission, it's hard to leave a review.

    Just go get it and use it.

    I used it in my demo using two snapshots in each Kontakt instrument and you can mix and match various snapshots or just use one.
    Arps, Pads, etc. All nice and inspirational.

    jmcvicker06 May 2022
  • Chimes in space

    The instrument really sounds way more than a chime. The space tones and ambience pad really stand out and makes the instrument special and unique.

    Jayson Ng23 May 2022
  • An abundance of soundscapes

    For just 200MB, this is a massive library filled with fully different sounds characterized by rhythmic elements. Once you figure out how to use the snapshots, you will have 63+1 completely different presets are your disposal.

    The sounds are based on 3 different layers and everything is powered by the highly customizable Photosynthesis engine. While I personally don't like this engine, in this case I believe it has been use very wisely, and because of the snapshots you won't have to bother going through all of its complex settings in order to get a proper sound.

    With that said, some of the sounds may sound a little confusing, all over the place, especially if you implement the 1st layer which is bound to around 120bpm and it's not tempo synced, This happens because other elements added by the engine will get tempo synced if gated or arpeggiated, but that layer won't sync, so keep that in mind.

    Alex Raptakis07 May 2022