leJeanvonM’s Reviews

  • I like it!

    Really nice sounding celeste. It has a lot of mechanical artefacts, but I like it. It is not for someone who wants a clean sounding instrument, but it is great!

    Confinement Céleste10 February 2022
  • Yessss

    If you want some long organic drone pads, this is it. Really nothing more to say. Organic but it sounds like a synth.

  • Magnificent organ

    In my opinion this is The Organ. It is not a bright open organ, but an emotional dark requiem. I really like it. Just one little thing: the registers are some kind of hard to tweak (maybe it would just need an on/off buttons next to the volume sliders).

    Requiem10 February 2022
  • PRO thing

    Nothing special to say. This is a pro thing. It has a specific sound, you don't need every day, but it is always useful to have it.

    Warty Dulcitone10 February 2022
  • Nice

    I like it, but you know, one more piano on the mountain of piano samples. It is really more teatral piano, than normal playing thing. Maybe would be good to have something more in GUI. But overall it is great and I will have it and use it.

    Trailer Ambient Tools10 February 2022