Jaime's Tone’s Reviews

  • Excellent sound and great GUI!

    I love it: great vintage sounds, and really nice GUI. When you add more presets, make sure to let us all know!!!

    80’s Module09 April 2023
  • Great sound!

    There are already many pianos on pianobook and I always hesitate testing new ones. I did it this time, and to me delight, the sound is really great and original! Well done, thank you!

  • Great sound!

    A great sound for this whistle, almost like a nice sounding flute, especially in the lows. I love it and will use it for sure in an upcoming track. I also love the GUI -nice and clean. Thank you for making this!

    Low Whistle12 February 2023
  • Much more than a lofi piano!

    This is almost like a small synth with five original and surprisingly weirdy sounds. The piano is fine but the keys and pads are great as well. If you need an original sound then this is what you shall use. And I love the GUI!

    Coolla – Lofi Piano19 November 2022
  • Flute... or choir?

    I love the GUI and the facility to use, but this does not sound like a flute to me. I am thinking of using it in chords with reverb, as a choir... I think it would sound great. All in all, this "flutina" could find some use in any tune, if played in the right context. Well done!

    Flutina19 November 2022