The story

I found this lovely little bakelite Flute at a flea market recently, and while I did not put my lips to it there and then (because ick, flea market germs) once cleaned and tested it produced a wonderful dry sound which I immediately knew I had to put into a sampler.

The flute, or rather The Flutina, has its origins in 1940s England, made by the Rose Morris company, which still exists as a music store in central London. Not much information exists about it online, and it seems like it wasn’t produced for long nor in great numbers. I hope through this sampler it will get a second life, or at least be remembered by more people for the future.

Requires at least Decent Sampler 1.6.9.


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  • Flute... or choir?

    I love the GUI and the facility to use, but this does not sound like a flute to me. I am thinking of using it in chords with reverb, as a choir... I think it would sound great. All in all, this "flutina" could find some use in any tune, if played in the right context. Well done!

    Jaime's Tone19 November 2022