hewwagner’s Reviews

  • There's something magic about this one

    This is one of my all time favourite instruments from Pianobook, it's been a part of my template ever since I tried it out, and it was a really important part of my first game soundtrack. The subtle pad attached to the mod wheel is fantastic as well and really creates some great vibes. This is a really special one.

    The Hoffman22 October 2021
  • SNES strings

    What a cool concept! It has this Super Nintendo crunchy vibe about it, and I particularly like the instability in the higher register. Would love to hear more of what machine learning can come up with!

    Machine Learning Viola12 November 2021
  • Nostalgic!

    I really liked this sound! It has a really interesting quality where it sits somewhere between sounding like a piano and sounding like a synth. It's quite fun once you put it through big reverbs and delays. The only thing I had to do was adjust the attack time of the sample to get rid of the little click, but after that it was all good fun.

    Taped Piano22 October 2021