Giles M’s Reviews

  • Simple, flexible and sounds fantastic

    You get a lot more than meets the eye with Crystalline. The samples are beautiful and the addition of simple filters and arp effects allow for limitless creativity even from the small amount of raw material.

    crystalline11 April 2022
  • Outstanding beepy goodness

    Beep Boop absolutely delivers on its promise of beep boopy sorts of noises. The built-in arp is simple to use yet adds a level of adventure to the beeps but the magic really comes from the multi-mod wheels for effects, arp and envelope control; they make it trivial to fiddle with the sound to make completely different sorts of beeps. And they're pre-mapped to CCs 14-16 which shows how a bit of automation is a perfect way to get the best out of the beeps.

    It's a bit random and totally bonkers but really cool!

    Beep Boop11 April 2022
  • Beautifully done

    Beautiful sampling of a spectacular instrument. The 5 velocity layers really make this perfect for emotive playing (or programming in my case; my playing isn't that good!). The stereo placement is lovely too, much more detailed than my go-to piano from NI. Excellent effort and thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  • Gentle to perfection

    Dan's title is spot-on accurate. This is certainly a very gentle sound but with added nuance through the pad and the pedals noise. Everything is adjustable so you can customise how much you get of each (I thought I was hearing things until I realised I'd left the pedals noise turned up full), but the controls aren't in any way complicated. It's a lovely instrument, thanks ever so much for letting us have it Dan.

    Gentle Grand11 April 2022
  • Lovely, tapey, synthy sound

    This is great, while it might be from a guitar in the higher ranges I found it adds some great texture over synths. I look forward to using this in many places.

    Shivering Waves20 June 2022