Gideon Wolf’s Reviews

  • Glitched goodness

    This is a total winner in my book. Go get it and make some dirty glitched out modulated greatness. Nice one Matthew this is excellent..

    Glitch Modulator28 March 2022
  • Dirty Harpsichord

    This is excellent. Given some extra lo-fi dirt and distortion these samples are a pleasure to play.. Nice one!

    Hildur’s Harpsichord13 October 2021
  • Bow with interest

    This is excellent. One of the best sample libraries on Pianobook and so so full of character. The textures the lower you go are truly excellent. To be honest all over the register you can pull out some sonically beguiling textures. One of those where you just want to keep it simple and enjoy the harmonics coming from this instrument.
    Fits nicely underneath or bolstering edgy string parts or simply out on its own. Great Work Sage.

    Harmonic Flights28 March 2022
  • Simple yet perfect

    This bad boy is a real winner. Simple but loads of character as has already been mentioned. Drench those nicely sampled sounds with further grit and lofi crushed goodness and you have an excellent drum machine. Retro or not this is fun to use and a no-brainer if you want to just lay down some beats..
    Nice one!