Glitch Modulator

Pitched, warped, Modulated, Shifted and all around glitched drum hits from retro machines

The story

Sampled from Electro Harmonix DRM-16, Korg mp7 and a Linn LM-1 then sequenced and distorted. these sounds are those of which you’d find in contemporary ambient electronica or abstract compositions. This instrument has 2 patches A and B both similar in nature but slightly evolved settings and tweaks. A down side is that they are tempo/bpm locked at 100BPM, but I’m certain there’s life outside these walls.

Glitch Modulator - Promo


Reviews for Glitch Modulator

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  • Glitched goodness

    This is a total winner in my book. Go get it and make some dirty glitched out modulated greatness. Nice one Matthew this is excellent..

    Gideon Wolf28 March 2022
  • Just Amazing

    Just Amazing, Thank you for this. Great for Rhythm addons

    jithendra23 February 2022
  • You're going to love this...

    Film composers and Producers in particular, will absolutely love these brilliant patches.
    Yes there are limitations within DS, but actually the possibilities of how you can incorporate these sounds into your music is really exciting. Especially if you were to bounce to audio, chop and time warp. The sounds can add real flavour to a piece of music.

    R.Treves10 February 2022
  • Some fun glitchy sound effects

    Here inside you will find two DecentSampler presets that each one offers a big selection of glitchy sounds with a synthetic character. From percussive elements to some more pitchy effects, these are enough to spark some awesome ideas for many electronic genres. They both come with a nice GUI, though I find the included Reverb a little too aggressive for such sounds.

    Alex Raptakis06 February 2022