Edward Emerson’s Reviews

  • A quirky yet very usable metallic instument

    It has a very nice interface that lets you blend the 4 different basic sounds in an x-y axis. If that were not enough you get 5 fully functional effects to further modify the sound as well as adsr. Lots of potential for creativity here. The lower two octaves are a bit wonky at the F key, but that kind of adds to it's charm for me, keeping it well within the realm of an acoustic instrument. This is a great example of the kind of creative inspiration that pianobook is all about. Kudos!

    Randonspiel17 October 2021
  • A very odd instrument

    Reminiscent of that strange Nordic bowed instrument made famous by Howard Shore's The Two Towers Rohan theme... can't remember the name of it. When the modulation and sends to the built in distortions were messed with I was able to get some very interesting and harsh sounds that just fit the bill for what I was working on. Don't expect a "nice" instrument here. It's rough and ready and just right for adding that je ne sais quoi you might have been looking for.

    Remote Violin (nano)24 October 2021
  • Golly gosh, this is free?

    1.18 Gig of samples? Holy moly what a nice percussion pack. It's very playable with round robins to keep the machine guns at bay. Taiko, Udu, Djembe, Conga and Bongos give you free access to a world of beats. Thank you!