A little travel glockenspiel sampled and resampled...

The story

I love making weird noises and sound design. My wife bought this little travel glockenspiel for me as a gift, ultimately planning on me destroying it in the sound making process. As I started banging around on it, I grew to love its simple tone. So I sampled it with 4 velocity layers. Then I decided to go ahead and resample it 4 different times with unique processing on each revision so I could blend them as I wished. Thus, the Randonspiel was born. It seemed a natural fit to give it away for free, so I made a ‘shelter’ instrument for my company, Fallout Music Group. But still, I thought it might make a fun addition to the Piano Book community as well.


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  • A Glockenspiel that is so much more

    With a killer GUI, this sample pack is much more than another glockenspiel sample. Offering up distortion, delay, amp modeling, reverb, and filters along with an XY controller to blend between four sample layers, you can get really creative with this! Well recorded and beautifully executed.

    Sam Ecoff18 October 2021
  • A quirky yet very usable metallic instument

    It has a very nice interface that lets you blend the 4 different basic sounds in an x-y axis. If that were not enough you get 5 fully functional effects to further modify the sound as well as adsr. Lots of potential for creativity here. The lower two octaves are a bit wonky at the F key, but that kind of adds to it's charm for me, keeping it well within the realm of an acoustic instrument. This is a great example of the kind of creative inspiration that pianobook is all about. Kudos!

    Edward Emerson17 October 2021