Dimaension X’s Reviews

  • Nice simple kit

    Very simple drum kit. Sounds great, gets the job done. Plenty of character - I just wish there were a few more cymbal options, but then again, I'm a big fan of very minimal drum kit players. I just used it for a new ambient jazz piece that I posted on YouTube - https://youtu.be/FRgpde52I0Q

    Cassette Drums15 January 2022
  • Great classic bass tone

    Yeah, I like this bass sound a lot - very simple to use, plays well, sounds great, add a little processing, and you wouldn't know it's a sample. The only teeny problem is this: I love the "pluck" sound when you hit notes at higher velocities a real thing that happens on a real bass, but sometimes that "pluck" shows up at lower velocities and sounds out of place.

    Funky Fingers01 November 2021
  • Good sound, but the timing is off

    I thought the same as one of the other reviewers. I really like the sound of these drums, but the timing on the hi hats and cymbals is just "off" by a few milliseconds, so there's a delay from when you hit the sample to when you actually hear it.

    Bedroom Drum Kit22 October 2021
  • Great Drums, Ride Cymbal needs work

    I like this set a lot. The drums themselves are very raw and real sounding. Very tight and snappy. The cymbals need some help. The ride cymbals especially sound odd, but this is a problem with most of the drum sampler sound sets here for Decent Sampler. Realistic cymbals are VERY hard to reproduce. But I do recommend for very mellow song projects that don't use the ride cymbal a lot.

    Turnagain Drums22 October 2021