The story

Funky Fingers is a bass guitar signal chain that I have used several times to get a 1970’s funk tone. The bass itself is an old Vantage instrument with passive pickups. The model is unknown, but I presume it is a 1980’s vintage, and of Japanese origin. It was a birthday gift from my parents while I was in high school, and was second hand at the time.

The recording chain consisted of a Universal Audio 4-710d preamp (dialled some tube distortion and compression), several layered console/DI box saturation plugins, an Ampeg emulation, and a Vari-Mu compressor plugin. The sound is pretty toasted, and in my mind, ready to go without much further processing (for this style anyways).

The lower registers have 5 layers of round-robin, while the upper octaves have only 2 to 3. There are release triggers, at a pretty low level. These are round-robin as well in the Logic Sampler version, but I couldn’t figure out how to program this in DecentSampler. There is some pretty buzz on some of the higher samples, but I thought it added charm and authenticity.

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  • It's weird and underrated

    The rating, for some reason, is low, and in vain. The guitar sounds very decent. I wrote a track with her and she sounds great there, perhaps. at a quiet amplitude with good overload sounds deep
    enough with good sustain

    Brat Ka29 July 2023
  • Great classic bass tone

    Yeah, I like this bass sound a lot - very simple to use, plays well, sounds great, add a little processing, and you wouldn't know it's a sample. The only teeny problem is this: I love the "pluck" sound when you hit notes at higher velocities a real thing that happens on a real bass, but sometimes that "pluck" shows up at lower velocities and sounds out of place.

    Dimaension X01 November 2021
  • Play that funky music!

    Seriously good sounds from this patch. Captures the soul of a bass guitar.

    The Wight Guy07 February 2023
  • Very Nice Bass

    I had passed on this download due to the lack of current representation and rating. I’m so glad I went ahead and bit the bullet. The sound may only represent certain styles of music but hey, it’s great for those. Only thing I would like to have different is some type of variant mod for string bends, however I’m not complaining. Thank you for this.

    TerryL21 July 2022
  • A good one

    I particularly like how it sounds in the lowest octave, which is naturally the frequency range where you would play a bass most of the time. Very round and warm sound, without getting too boomy. In the second octave sounds a bit weak in comparision, this may be due to the used FX chain, that is more intended for letting the bass shine in the bottom octave. There are some artefacts of playing particularly in the top velocity layer on some notes B1 for example, but unless you are going for a totally clean sound, they may actually add to the realism.

    Synthiemental29 October 2021
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