Funky Fingers

A 1970's funk tone from a Vantage bass...

The story

Funky Fingers is a bass guitar signal chain that I have used several times to get a 1970’s funk tone. The bass itself is an old Vantage instrument with passive pickups. The model is unknown, but I presume it is a 1980’s vintage, and of Japanese origin. It was a birthday gift from my parents while I was in high school, and was second hand at the time.

The recording chain consisted of a Universal Audio 4-710d preamp (dialled some tube distortion and compression), several layered console/DI box saturation plugins, an Ampeg emulation, and a Vari-Mu compressor plugin. The sound is pretty toasted, and in my mind, ready to go without much further processing (for this style anyways).

The lower registers have 5 layers of round-robin, while the upper octaves have only 2 to 3. There are release triggers, at a pretty low level. These are round-robin as well in the Logic Sampler version, but I couldn’t figure out how to program this in DecentSampler. There is some pretty buzz on some of the higher samples, but I thought it added charm and authenticity.


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  • Great free bass!

    This bass is perfect for throwing into a rock track and running through a good amp setup. It isn't super unique bass, but using to enhance some low-end can totally work!

    Ada Maskil18 October 2021
  • Funky!

    A nice gritty sounding bass. The instrument feels more like a mid bass element at first, but with a little bit of EQing you can get an even better warm tone out of it. Overall, a good simple grab and go bass.

    Jake17 October 2021