Dan J B’s Reviews

  • The Sound of Life!

    An incredibly beautiful sound created from life itself and an instrument I could be emotionally immersed in for hours on end. Thank you Joshua for creating & sharing such a stunning, inspirational instrument!

    Ultrasound Pad17 October 2021
  • Spacious Emotional Waves & Textures

    A beautiful sounding & very playable instrument with four different patches including two with Jon's own processing. No reverb needed but the addition of the fairly dry waves patch means you can add all your own delays and reverbs. A joy to play.

    Flute+Violin17 October 2021
  • Loverly Capture of an Old Pitchy Piano

    A loverly emotional capture of a pitchy old piano that couldn't be kept and an expressive additional felt version too. Whilst the GUI is nice, some of the controls like the Keys & FX nobs don't seem to work as expected, but a nice addition to control pedal volume non the less. Regardless, a loverly instrument to play and great for old wonky piano feels. Thanks Harrison.

    Home Piano18 October 2021