Dan Castellanos’s Reviews

  • Most inspiring concept for ambience pads

    I'm amazed at this instrument, such a wonderful concept!
    I think this is the best package for a sci-fi drone/noise pads. You can CC Control each of the elements and perform an evolving ambience. Great for underscoring or making a complex background.

    NASA Space Pad12 February 2022
  • New Dark Ambient favorite

    Absolutely loved the sounds, really great for scoring or for adding an extra edge to industrial/dark ambient pieces. The lovely GUI just adds the icing on the cake of a great instrument. Bravo!

  • New secret weapon for layering

    Tried and immediately found a use for it in a piece I'm finishing.

    Works great for beefing up certain parts without being too intrusive. I like to process it through some resonant filter banks or band pass filter to get a bit of character and smash it through some delays and reverbs to dig it nicely in the mix.

    Should also work great for emotional underscores as well.

    Ebow Piano07 February 2022