Corey Claxton’s Reviews

  • Hauntingly Beautiful Sonic Environments

    These pads are wonderful and immediately set the mood. I have been going back to the Applachian Mellotron and String Tapestries over and over again. I love the simplicity of the instruments, however, I did find that the CC1 attached to the overall volume of the instrument to be a bit lacking in being able to create nuance and dynamics within a performance. I ended up adding a gain insert on the instrument effect rack (before the Convolution insert) and connecting CC1 to that. At the end of the instrument chain, I added a limiter to handle the peaks of those amazing resonants that give the instruments their unique character. This is a great set of sounds that I will be using a lot.

    Americana Tapestries27 December 2021
  • Such contrast in a single instrument!

    I love the brightness of the high pings intertwined with the soft pad and rumbling drone. The ability to mix all three signals provides some really awesome contrast within a single instrument. I will definitely be using this in future pieces! Awesome Work!

    Interstellar Wine22 October 2021