Consterdine’s Reviews

  • The emotion that this world of sound makes happen is an actual thing

    Read the story, shed a tear then play the sounds Float off on a cloud of humanity, emotion and empathic resonance. Sounds that hold soul.

    Ultrasound Pad12 October 2021
  • A Truly Wonderful Instrument

    This is one of the truly great Pianobook instruments, transporting, possibly spiritual, tones with a deep, affecting resonance. Its uses span meditational elevation to gothic dread. From Tim Heckeresque death ambience to Phillip Glasslike soundscapes, load this baby up and let yourself go. Immense! Thank you Angus.

    Requiem12 October 2021
  • No piano, Just a slinky and a violin, a pianobook classic!

    The depth, dexterity and depravity of pianobook contributors imagination is one of the things that keeps me coming back, just one. This is an innovation that didn't need to happen but the fact that it did is a triumph of the creative will. The words Slinky and violin sit diametrically opposed to the Arvo Part of darkness that this instrument dreams into being. Words can't describe magic like this. Play on!

    Slinky Violin12 October 2021
  • A beautiful collection of usable pad tones

    Dan, I know, I know, prodigy etc. This collection of nearly neutral pad sounds is very much like my perception of the man. Tirelessly and effortlessly productive, transparent, available, open accepting and artfully beautiful. Like Arya Stark, I feel like I've watched Dan grow up but I'll never these early gifts, though. Thank you Mr Keen

    Basic Backdrops12 October 2021
  • Percussive Bass adventure, Tom Waits for everyone

    This is a really useful tool for creating rhythm freshness with unconventional tones and strikes. Once you have your rhythm track established, load this up and surprise yourself and your listeners. This is special, really very special.

    Upright Bass Drum12 October 2021