Charlie Olins’s Reviews

  • Delicate Piano

    The main instrument plays so beautifully, I almost can't put it down. The atmospheres are inspiring, beautiful and, I believe, genuinely useable. The GUI is well laid out. Honestly, this is one that eclipses so many commercially available libraries, I am astonished. Straight 5 stars, thank you

    The Quiet Piano15 October 2021
  • Proper Great Orchestral Drums

    Crikey! The bass drum . . . . It sounds as good as anything I have previously owned- and then some. It's fantastic. The Snare , yep. The concert chimes are clear and the tones are distinctive. I am delighted to have discovered this first class addition to my percussion go to library. It will be featured in my scores moving forward. Smashing, thank you Hunter.

  • Bang the Bass

    A totally great and useful set of 'alternative' percussive sounds. Superb low end gags , scrapes, thrumms - is that an actual word? Just try A2 . . .

    Upright Bass Drum13 October 2021
  • Percussion Grab Bag

    Really beautifully recorded, this selection of assorted percussion instruments will, I am sure, be finding its' way into my regular 'go to' folder. A very useful and welcome addition, thank you

    Percussion Palette13 October 2021
  • Drops of harmonics

    Piano harmonics, playable straight out of the box. I immediately put a Soundtoys PanMan Fx on it and started playing. Beguiling tone, very engaging, there's a cue or two in there. Bravo. PS Add a simple ADSR maybe?