Arianna Cunningham’s Reviews

  • Absolutely beautiful!

    Hi! I tried out this beautiful sounding Celtic Harp with some other good sounding free orchestra patches (making it almost sound like a pedal harp), and I think it sounds extremely perfect for anything that I arrange and/or transcribe! Thank you so much for creating such a masterpiece!

    Closet Harp25 March 2022
  • Very nice sounds!

    This harp library that you made is actually a very great start! Love the samples, and I'm sure that it'll fit perfectly in some new orchestra arrangements that I might make.

    Riedel Teresa29 March 2022
  • Pretty Good

    I gotta say, this Strings + Winds ensemble pack is pretty decent for some chamber music or orchestra arranging (for specific solo segments). Nice job!

    C&P Strings + Winds25 March 2022
  • So Beautiful!

    I tried out this virtual instrument out with other orchestral sound libraries, and in my opinion, I think it would sound beautiful in some slow orchestral film score passages. Nice work!

    Slinky Violin29 March 2022
  • Pretty good, but...

    The samples in the sound library are good, but there seems to be an issue with the Wind Swells in the Decent Sample file format while the rest of the sections & Kontakt file formats work fine.