The story

A sound that can be joyful, happy, and free, or a sound of melancholy; a little lonely.

The actual sampled notes are C5 – F5; the rest are tuned up or down.


Reviews for Windy Whistle

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  • A melancholic and smooth sound

    Really like the library and I would use it, reminds me to an analog synth

    Rixx3727 August 2022
  • Foggy forest

    I think this pack reflects very well how enigmatic a forest can be when it has a dense fog. The package has good potential, however, it's not very nice that the sound comes out mainly from the left side. It gets a little annoying.

    The color of the circular controls should be different, they are not distinguishable from the background. The same thing happens with the labels, their small size makes it very difficult to observe them clearly.

    GuilleDSamplist 26 September 2022
  • It is more siney than flutive

    It is mostly a sine wave with no noise until you get it up a good few decibels. It doesn't really have overtones (or harmonics) that makes it sound like a wind whistle.
    Also, it's only on the left side for headphones. Not too unfixable on the player's hand, but it would be handier if it was at least taken to mono first.
    I do love that image though, great choice, but the controls blend a bit too much, they could be much darker or brighter to be easier to see.

    FUNNYMAN228 August 2022
  • Very simple and gentle

    This is a very basic instrument that sounds a lot like the description that its creator has given to it. It's about a relatively simple sound that is very, very quiet, and shines mostly at the higher range. As other might have already mentioned, it is a near-natural wave of a sound, with a little bit of a whilste that appears more as you go higher on the register.

    It is panned all the way to the left so the user will need to do some balancing and stereo enhancement, and besides the beautiful background image in the GUI, I think that the knobs don't really work on my end.

    Alex Raptakis31 August 2022