Valencia Tar (Frame Drum)

A Valencian Tar (Frame Drum) with round robins and pitch manipulation....

The story

My name is ahmed almusawi, I am a tv/film composer from sultanate of Oman and Im very happy that I found a community that share my passion of making sounds/music.

Recently I decided to Build a rare percussion sample library to sell commercially as my firs product, a while ago a friend came to my studio and brought this Frame drum and he wanted to see how it will sound in a busy mix and I made him record few samples for me and I think it sounds good and unique and its my pleasure to share it with all of you.

This instrument has actually more techniques but I recorded the 3 basic articulations that I though is useful for me.

Each key has 4 Round robin and 4 Velocity layers, which I thought is enough for this reticular instrument.


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