The story

Having followed Pianobook since itโ€™s inception I thought it was high time I tried my hand at this sample making malarkey. My first experiment turned out better than I expected so I present to you The Trembling Radiator

My Godin Radiator guitar very lightly sampled through a tremolo effect on my Boss BR-80, both plucked and played with an Ebow plus 3 pads I made using those samples.

Though very basic I hope these sounds may be of some use to the Pianobook community.


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  • One of my favourites right away!

    I can't describe how much I LOVED this, and I didn't expect to listen to such a unique take for this kind of sound. Excellent job, instant recommendation to everyone. All 5 patches along with the 2 multis are simply mesmerizing to my ear. I seriously can't wait to get some time to play more with them and come up with something that will give them justice. I sincerely thank Simo for this contribution.

    Alex Raptakis31 October 2021
  • Whoah! These are my kind of guitar samples!

    These sounds are well recorded, highly inventive, and super playable and useful. I would love to know more about the equipment and/or processes the samplist used to create some of the awesome granular sounds here. The UI has just the right controls, and the included multis are awesome! Really well done!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 24 October 2021
  • Beautiful ambient Guitars

    In here you get four different patches as well as two multis. I like the multis the best because you get a combination effect and a fuller sound. These patches vary greatly between them offering some difference. I recall one having a ping pong delay that i really liked. The GUI is well designed and simple, the knobs look nice as well. These samples are eerie and beautiful at the same time which is really interesting and useful and the name of the instrument is definitely attention grabbing. These are really fun sounds and i plan t use them soon.

    septemberwalk30 October 2021