Tim’s Face

4 octaves of percussive face slapping noises......

The story

Recently I was working on a project that needed a quirky percussive sound, so I decided to use some face slaps – that sound you get when you make your mouth into an O shape and hit the side of your jaw. After recording them it made sense to make them into a Kontakt instrument, so I’ve organised the samples and added in a few extra effects to play around with. So now you can slap my face from wherever you are in the world. Have fun!

Recorded with a single AKG 414.
No Tims were harmed in the making of this instrument.

Tim's Face & the Kontakt Script Generator


Reviews for Tim’s Face

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  • More than a slap in the face!

    Don't be fooled by the title! This is not just a library of cheek-slap foley! It's the array of special effects that really make this library a versatile and fun percussion set. I especially love the bitcrusher and splosh.

    BrendanBeeBee21 January 2022