The story

As I was working on my Epiphone Les Paul sample pack,I thought ‘what else can I add to it’.Well here it is. My Epiphone Thunderbird Bass.It is not as elaborate as the Les Paul sample pack will be but I don’t feel it needs to be.
It is pretty basic but it has three round robins.
It was sampled through my Marshall DSL 40C amp using a Marantz MPM 3500R ribbon mic.
I made it using Kontakt 5 version 5.8.1 (R43)

Bogey - Epiphone Thunderbird Bass


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  • A good workhorse for the background

    This pack is clear, simple and easy to use. Combined with a few effects, it's become my new favorite bass guitar. So far, I've used it on at least a dozen tracks and each time I keep returning to it, despite attempts to try other guitars. It's just too clean and easy to use!

    EmotionSimulation01 August 2022
  • Very solid sound

    It does what you'd expect and works simply enough. The sound is clean and no complaints there.
    I would have added more depth to the instrument, like knobs and other small tweaks to make it more interesting.

  • A solid bass tone that could be great with a few tweaks

    This is a nice bass, sampled in depth with every note in a 2.5 octave range sampled with 3 RRs. The velocity doesn't seem to be linked to volume, which limits the dynamic range of the instrument considerably together with the lack of distinct velocity layers.

    There seems to be an issue with 2 of the RR groups not being linked to the in-built ADSR, so some notes have a sustained tail but others will cut off instantly as soon as you lift the key which gives an unnatural glitch-like effect. There is also no UI control to tweak the ADSR.

    I think some minor additions could make this instrument really great:
    - Tie volume to velocity (it's normally default behaviour in Kontakt anyway)
    - Bind all groups to the same ADSR envelope for consistency between samples for cutoff etc.
    - Add ADSR knobs to the UI to give better control over playing staccato / sustained etc.
    Could also consider evening-out the volume among the RRs if volume is going to be velocity-bound anyway.
    These changes would greatly increase playability of the instrument.

    Could also add other effects like reverb to the UI but this would just be a bonus.

    EamonSamplist 24 May 2022
  • A simple, clean bass

    This is a fairly simple e-bass guitar instrument that comes with nice clean samples. It comes in a barebones patch, it's sampled note-by-note, with 3 round robbins each, and the total playable range is around 2.5 octaves, from a low E to a high A. The only thing I found slightly off is that if you want to play staccato-like, one of the round robbins has a longer tail than the others. Other than that, it is a very, very solid bass instrument.

    Alex Raptakis30 April 2022