The Helm Yamaha Tack Piano

Recorded with 3 dynamic layers. Staccato and Legato articulations available via keyswitches.

The story

I received this Yamaha upright piano as a high school graduation present in 1997.

I wrote the music for several of the songs on our first Maroon 5 album on this piano.

Then years later I had to strip the felt off with tacks on it installed so I could pull a lever and lower the tacks in between the hammers and the strings across a certain range of the piano.

My friend Christopher Harrison and I sampled it in 2018 and here it is for you.

My first Kontakt instrument for Pianobook. Enjoy.

PS Sorry I didn’t know about recording release triggers at the time ๐Ÿ™‚

-Jesse Carmichael, Laurel Canyon home studio (AKA The Helm) 2022


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