colwalder’s Reviews

  • Simple and Beautiful

    Really just a lovely sound and a pleasure to play. Picking this one up is a no brainer. The one issue I had was when using in a minimal arrangement with the piano exposed, there was noise that I didn't want after normalisation of the track. Turned out it came from the pedals, so the fix was easy, just turn down the pedal noise knob and it was golden. Probably that speaks to my misuse of the sustain pedal, and possibly also because I was layering piano parts.

    Gentle Grand26 December 2021
  • Just lovely...emotion in a can

    The imperfections in the sound add metric ton of character and emotion to this instrument. It's just lovely to play and write with. Reckon this is one that I'm going to be coming back to often, great work on this Cordaro. If I could change one thing, it would be to have the legato control be on a different controller, since out of the box it maps to expression which is usually volume (e.g. using the same controller as Spitfire's vibrato would be perfect for me)....but this could just be my personal foible and doesn't detract from what I think is a must have pianobook instrument!

    Imperfect Viola18 April 2022