The story

Hello and welcome to my first instrument on Pianobook, The Garage.
My grandfather passed away just a few years ago, but it feels like it’s been a lifetime. He fought cancer long and hard, and with strength that most would envy.
In honor of his memory, I went out into his garage armed with nothing but an iPad and determination, and recorded anything that made a vaguely usable sound.
That was a year ago, before I knew anything about sampling, a some of these samples are noisy, truncated, strangely processed, or have any number of other miniscule flaws.
It’s not perfect. But I can accept that, knowing that despite its flaws, it will preserve his memory.
I now release this to the public, for anyone and everyone to use. I hope only that in gifting these samples to the world, I will ensure he’s remembered in a way that my own words will never be able to.


Reviews for The Garage

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  • Great first instrument!

    Love the backstory, I'm sorry for your loss. That said, these samples are pretty well recorded given your setup, and with a little reverb, show a lot of character for something like a film score. They definity have a found footage vibe to them, but very usable. You can either feel the space for something more foreground, or add some effects and get interesting percussive elements for your musical score. I also like that each object has a series of samples triggered by each successive hit, it adds a little more life to your straightward interface. Great first time run, love see what you come up with next!

    mrmoviephone05 January 2023