The story

I’m clearly influenced by the energy and tenacity of Christian when he uploads videos about creating our own sampler instruments from old pianos, recordings and samples of them. I’m not able to sample instruments at the moment because I don’t have an instrument to sample, I’m working from a Roland Fantom X8 and in the box instruments. My dad does have some old instruments I can sample in the future hopefully, and my brother has many electric guitars and a cortex. So that meant I had to try and be inventive!!! The Cure is a sampler instrument created from a thank-you message from my niece, thanking me for congratulating her on gaining her white belt in martial arts. The audio file was sent to me in via WhatsApp. I converted the audio file to 96k and got to work creating the instrument in 48k from transients. I pitched each transient to something that I found interesting and then used every conceivable set of plugins in order to create ‘The Curse’ demo track. The demo track track is an example of what it could be used for if you process like mad and have a good rummage around like Junkie XL or Hanz Zimmer and get inventive with the original samples. I used Logic and Kontakt FX including amps, pedal boards, Melda Productions and izotope to bring out the demo as an example of the mood, dark, devilish and demon like The Curse instrument has to offer. I would love any constructive critism in order to make better sampler instruments in the future. My aim is to reach out to the discord community and find a Kontakt and Decent Sampler developer to work with. The Curse demo track on Soundcloud link below…

Reviews for The Curse

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  • Interestingly sampled sound

    Quite an interesting sound. I do love the story behind it. Was really sweet. Would love a decent sampler version of it if that's possible by someone here. Definitely could be used in horror textural tracks

    JashandeepReehal23 May 2022
  • One sample, many SFX

    This creepy little patch is based off of a simple sample, and with way too much processing gives you access to 20 different samples from it. The result is a creepy textures, short vocalized "lines", bass hits and other ambient sound effect type of sounds. If you are looking for something to enhance your horror-themed compositions, this might be a good addition to your collection.

    Alex Raptakis23 May 2022
  • Not musical, but possibly useful in the right circumstance

    Monolithic sample with multiple sounds inside (I since discovered in the conversion process from EXS24).

    Not a musical pack by any means but possibly useful in the right context.

    QorbeQSamplist 24 May 2022