The story

Hi ,my name is Mohammad Al Nassar from Kuwait, and this is my first sample library .
Every year in Ramadan we have a tradition called ” Eftar Cannon ” (a cannon shot to break the fasting).
I took my zoom H6 and three microphones , a condenser, shotgun and XYH-6 mic and I’ve recorded it after so many years of trying.

the sound was taken from 8 meters away from the cannon, then stretched and morphed in KONTAKT to 3 sounds:


I made this instrument to create the “Phattest” kick.
The attack of the shot is incredibly fast so that when I stretched it down, it still has a great attack.

I hope you can use it in your music or as a sound effect, and I will be so glad to hear how can you use it.

The CANNON by Mohammad Al Nassar


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  • A simple explosive kick!

    See what I did there? Obviously... This is a very percussive sound that comes from an actual cannon. It has been layed on the keybed in three different ways, and you can either use it both as a kick (if you go low) and as a super-snare if you go high, especially with the distorted version!

    Alex Raptakis13 July 2022
  • The missing piece in your Pianobook 1812 overture orchestra

    Finally with the additional of 'the cannon' we come one step closer to a complete Pianobook orchestra! Mohammad has achieved the dream of 'Phattest' kick, with some incredibly punchy percussive sounds that can easily be used as bass and snare sounds, and probably customised to closely imitate the rest of a kit with a bit of tweaking. A bit more in the GUI (EQ, compression, etc.) to customise the sound 'in house' could've been nice, but you can do all that in your DAW if you want to. Overall a fun and useful instrument, and there's also a bit of extra character in knowing the background story providing the exact time, place and context of the samples. Thanks Mohammad!

    EamonSamplist 07 June 2022
  • It's a canon

    Does pretty much what it says on the tin. A nice recording of a canon that's spread across the keyboard.