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After spending much time fine-tuning the scripts, many new features have been added to this Synthphony S4 Motion. All presets are now built into one instruments file for both Kontakt & Decent Sampler. Now you can select different presets from the UI itself.

Besides, LFO modulation for Volume, Filter & Pitch now becomes part of your sound design. You will notice there are 6 new knobs for each sample source (A B C D). A variety of unique and yet unexpected sounds can be easily discovered and created with these modulations. The possibilities & combinations are countless.

The Kontakt version of this library is CPU intensive, this is due to the processing of the Delay & Reverb effect by Kontakt. Turning the Delay & Reverb sliders all the way down to zero will now “By-Pass” these Effects processing. Turn these knobs to zero if you don’t need them, this will reduce your CPU usage a lot.

The followings are some of the new features:
– All presets are now merged into one instrument file (1 file each for Kontakt & Decent Sampler).
– Modulation for Volume, Filter & Pitch – 6 x 4 new knobs for Amount & Speed (Kontakt only).
– Volume Morphing knobs, one for sample sources A & B, and the other one for C & D (Kontakt only).
– More randomize buttons – to randomize parameters, modulations & sound sources independently (Kontakt only).
– Turning the Delay & Reverb sliders all the way down to zero will now “By-Pass” these Effects processing.

Synthphony S4 Motion is available for Kontakt 6 (Full Version) & Decent Sampler. Kontakt & Decent Sampler are two different Samples Player. You will notice that the output sounds from both players are different as both of their Effects engine is not the same. It will be a good idea to have both libraries installed to complement each other and make them a good combination for sounds and music productions.

Thank you for all of your comments, feedbacks & downloads. Your support will encourage me continue to improve this Synthphony sample library series.


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  • Great thanks

    very nice tones and effect,

    Satyr11 February 2024