The story

This sample library came out by experimenting and stretching out very short recorded human sounds. After strecthing these short samples i tuned n pitch shifted a few of them. Suprisingly they sounded like a blend between a melotron or an old vintage organ that has cheap choir sounds.

İ started with basic 2 layers under the names of Love and Kiss which are human sounds. First layer Love is a warmer n more deep sounding layer like a main organ type sound. Second layer Kiss is a more harsh sounding one with lots of mids n high ends adding harmonics on the top. İ always use second layer Kiss with a less volume or if i wanna cranck it up i do cut down the high ends with the filter aka tone. This second layer can be tricky with adding some glitches or distortion to the sustain tail so i always use it with the minimum volume as possible just to add some more harmonics…

Additionaly i add five more pluck type short layers of analoge synth samples (make noise-DPO oscilator modulated with make noise-maths trough a low pass gate make noise-LXD and BF-22 – Befaco filter) under different names . These layers will mostly effect the attack of the main sound as they r shorter samples without a loop at the end. These additional layers also can be used a plucked or shorter synth lines when main 2 layers are disabled. Two bass layers (Hug and Cuddle), one short lead type layer (Peace) and two synth layers (Feel and Caress). All these layers have their independent volume knobs soo you can mix and blend these 7 layers as you wish.


Reviews for Synth of Desire

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  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • nice sounds-

    to the previous reviewer- you may just have to shift the octave up a couple of times if you are on a smaller keyboard.. for some reason it is only mostly in the very low bass range.. i like the sounds!

    shanecgriffo04 May 2023
  • Unusual and lovely sounds that match the GUI

    This is a unique sounding sample pack that feels to me at least as a sort of humanised synth. The GUI is practical, engaging and oddly comforting (even if my idea of what hugs etc. sound like is very different!)
    Yes, the mapping onto the lower octaves seems slightly quirky but I don't see how it would create any major problems in practice.
    So thanks for this instrument that brightened my spirits and sounded great.

    martiman05 May 2023
  • Nice sounds, but why is the range so limited?

    Thank you for this instrument. I found that it has interesting capabilities to manipulate the sound which should make it interesting in the future. However, why is the range so limited? I cannot really use it in the current configuration. If you are planning to extend the range, then I would probably use it, but as it is, it is not so convenient. Thank you for your effort though.

    Jaime's Tone04 May 2023