The story

This piano from my family home has sadly received very little attention after being moved to ‘the study’ a few years ago. Out of sight, out of mind. Sampling it for use in future compositions shall give it some love once again. It also helps with the fact that it has some sticky keys.

The piano is very resonant with a rather ‘breathy’ quality to it. This is particularly noticeable on the high notes, which sound almost like whispers on the wind.

Recorded out-of-tune in stereo using a pair of AKG C3000s, with release triggers and two dynamic layers (pp and mp).

Reviews for Study Piano

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  • Not dynamic, but that's A-OK

    This isn't a great all-around piano as it doesn't cover the highest dynamic levels, and won't give you those giant fortissimo hits you might want for your next cinematic piece. What it offers instead is equally --possibly more-- valuable. This piano focuses on soft dynamics, and does it really well. Astoundingly great editing makes this keyboard super playable while the early reflections from the wall it sits so near give the recordings depth, space, and realism. The more I played this instrument, the more I hear this sort of desperation and despair and longing in it. However, it can also sound contented, satiated, and fulfilled. It's extremely flexible in what it portrays. It's a bit of a musical chameleon. Whilst you might think you would want a piano with all of the dynamic levels, this is a great example of the 'less is more' aesthetic, as well as me personal belief that 'restrictions bring about creativity.' Thanks for this superb library!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 08 November 2021
  • A true standout

    I remember this being one of my go to pianos before i had some paid ones from fracture sounds. Its extremely beautiful, warm and mellow. It has a very even tonal balance as well. I do wish it was a bit more dynamic. That would really make it flawless. The high notes sound really beautiful and the midi and lows also have a lot of character. There are some pianos on here that sound great in the high end but kind of fall apart for me in the mid and lows. Not this one though. I haven't used this in a while but doing this review is definitely gonna make me come back to it.

    septemberwalk10 November 2021
  • Near-perfect!

    The title of "study piano" won't prepare you for how good this is. I absolutely love the sound and the character of this forgotten little child. It has, in my opinion, the attack that most other "felt-like" pianos fail to capture, ending up becoming too harsh.

    But not this one. This is mellow, kind, and a little shy. The release triggers sound great, even though you have no option to controll them. I personally can't find any white noise in the samples, not even in the tails - except for some minor clicks in rare occassions that you will probably never hear in a real scenario.

    Very nice work, absolutely recommended!

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021