The story

I woke up with a sore throat after catching a winter cold. The effect on my voice dropped my natural pitch down an octaveish so I made a voice-based sample instrument. This would be good for SciFi, horror, or any soundscape work needing a human sounding pad-like texture. The instrument includes some processed patches.

I got a sore throat - so I made a deep-bass vocal sample instrument!


Reviews for Sorethroat

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  • These are Monstrous!!

    Oh buddy is this instrument awesome. As others have said this really shines with the inhuman lows. You get taken to places with just one note. The reverb and tone controls are a great touch, and turn this vocal sample into a sound design beast.

    Minirehak21224 May 2022
  • Unearthly Low Textures

    These sounds are so cool. Apart from the first patch which i felt was too identifiable as a vocal. The rest were extremely cool, weird and dark. I think they sound best in the low end where i think they would work really well as low end energy in trailer music and lots of other stuff too. These three patches are all unique but at the same time are all related to each other. Super characterful, low and dark drones that can be used in a variety of contexts.

    septemberwalk25 December 2021
  • Growling thicc lows!

    I was not ready for this, I really wasn't. After pressing just a few keystrokes, I was immediately struck by how good this actually sounds, especially the lows, which have this gritty, inhuman texture to it. There is this growl to it, horrifying and mysterious. The higher pitches sound a little too wonky for my taste but they are definitely not bad.

    There are four different presets with slight variations in the overall texture and sound signature, and everything is freakishly good. I'd love to have access to attack and release settings, but it's fine as it is, and you can always use automation. Definitely worth checking out!

    Alex Raptakis26 December 2021
  • A powerful vocal bass

    When I played the first note, I was blown away; it was sensational to hear such a deep and powerful vocal bass. I appreciate that the pack contains 4 presets.

    The GUI looks good. Those three knobs are very useful. It would have been great if you had added a lowpass control and a delay control.

    It's cool that this pack weighs less than 10MB. Definitely worth a try.

    GuilleDSamplist 29 September 2022