The story

Modal Electronics issued a ‘weekend Insta mission’ to design to patch on one their synths. Using Skulpt a polyphonic hardware synth I designed a sort of industrial pad with filter LFO on mod wheel and subtle pitch modulation. I’m packaging this as a sample instrument as other folks may enjoy using this.


Reviews for Rosonee

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  • Great atmospheric sounds

    Worked perfectly

    Ace Blunder27 July 2023
  • An aggresive evolving sound

    I couldn't manage to make it work in DecentSampler, but it works perfectly fine on Sforzando. It's about a distorted synthetic sound that evolves quite aggresively in a very short amount of time, with the option to alter it with the modwheel or the CC1. It might seem that the release falls a bit short, but with some delay or reverb it wouldn't be a problem. In fact, I believe it is very encouraged to use more effects on it! There is some noise to be heard so keep that in mind in case you are going for something more than a lo-fi style.

    Alex Raptakis04 November 2021
  • Spooky Textures

    I wish the sustain was longer on this sound because i feel like it has a lot of tension that could work for an eerie scene but the decay is pretty short so i would put my own reverb on if i were to use this, Its a cool and unique sound, there's a bit too much going on to be able to play chords with this instrument but again, i feel like its really nice for creepy drones

    septemberwalk23 October 2021
  • Very interesting synth

    I really like the unique LFO sound, it reminds me of some complex soundscape patches on a synth I use. With that said, I do wish I could control more of the ADSR like another review mentioned. I has so much potential for dark drone sounds, or even an arpeggio if the attack was brought down. The GUI image is very cool and gives a sci-fi fantasy vibe, but I had trouble seeing the knob labels when I had my screen brightness turned down. A lot of interesting sound textures, but mostly suited for very specific needs rather than being flexible. Side note, I noticed a spelling difference between your instrument and your pianobook page title.

    Ada MaskilSamplist 30 October 2021
  • Cool sound in mid-register

    A nice kind of retro sci-fi -esque sound. A little too noisy in the high register and muddy in the low for me, so plays best around the middle of the range or for growly engine-rumble low drones.

    EamonSamplist 23 October 2021
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